Acquisitions for
Strategic Growth

Acquiring your competitors can lead to a larger exit for you

If you have a vision to acquire your competitors or see opportunities to acquire your competitors to enhance your business and build synergies, then you should talk to STS Capital Partners about a Roll Up to Sell strategy.

Rolling up your competitors through a well executed, disciplined acquisition and integration program can create massive value for both strategic buyers and you as the seller. Planning this program years before a strategic exit can be another way of creating an Extraordinary Exit for you as the face and architect of the roll up.

STS are expert guides on the journey to Extraordinary Exits.

We can help you create a vision and plan to target and acquire your competitors, creating a more significant organization to sell. Our team of experts invests the time to learn your business and what makes it special and valuable in its sector. We identify your objectives, so we have a clear idea of where you want to go and how to get there. Then we look for companies that might be a good target for acquisitions.

We find businesses that fit with you and make you better. Companies that will give you the competitive advantage and increase your maximum value when it comes time to finally sell.

It’s another way we make Extraordinary Exits possible.

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