Successful Exits: Maximizing Value

November 21st, 2022

“Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs Invites” Podcast features STS CEO and Founder Rob Follows in the first of a four-part series to learn how to value your venture and optimize your exit strategy.

Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs (HAE) is a global network of leaders and innovators from all 13 Harvard schools. HAE is dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship, the promotion of innovation, and the ideals of leadership and learning. HAE has served as a meeting place of learning, mentorship, community, and connection for entrepreneurial Harvard alumni, students, faculty, and staff.

In this episode, host Philip Guarino sits down with Rob Follows and discusses:
The key differences between financial and strategic buyers and the perseverance needed to build a venture from the ground up. Tune in to the first episode of a four-part series to learn how to value your venture and optimize your exit strategy.

Key takeaways:
Strategic Buyers. One of the many benefits of working with strategic buyers is that they'll keep your transaction and discussions confidential to shelter the transaction from your competitors and employees. Strategics will pay maximum financial value for your business, cutting out the middleman. As sellers, you want to go directly to strategic buyers and need an expert guide to help you get there.

What to Look for in an Advisor. The most important thing to look out for when meeting with Advisors is ensuring they do sell-side work. Questions to ask the Advisor are: how they would run a process for your transaction, how they would support maximizing value for you, and whom they would see as potential strategic buyers. You need to feel that they have a heartfelt commitment to maximizing value for you.

Generate Philanthropic Capital. If your business has the potential to multiply its maximum financial value, you can leverage the overperformance to create impact in the world and within your communities through philanthropic capital.

Best Practices in Selling. Having chosen an M&A Advisor that is a sell-side expert, you can learn the best practices of getting in front of strategic buyers across the globe that are outside of your country, and will understand and see value in your firm.

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