Making Extraordinary Exits Possible with Rob Follows

Listen to STS Founder & Chairman Rob Follows on The Lifestyle Investor Podcast

The Lifestyle Investor podcast, hosted by Justin Donald, focuses on showing today’s entrepreneurs and business executives how to think and invest to limit risk, maximize repeatable returns, and achieve retirement goals through his proven passive income cash flow strategies.

In this episode, Justin interviewed Rob, who shares his expertise by explaining to listeners the tools and strategies required to maximize the value of their business exit.

Here are four key takeaways from the podcast:

1) You can choose whether adversity will weaken or motivate you in life. From an early age, Rob had life experiences that led to difficult circumstances. Instead of choosing to accept them, Rob explained that he took the approach of choosing to see his set of circumstances as motivation to manifest the life he wanted. He encourages everyone to do life planning and to live their life to the fullest, which is especially applicable to current and prospective entrepreneurs.

2) Why financial buyers aim to buy low and sell high to strategic buyers. Rob explained that financial buyers pursue a business for their own interests. They buy businesses at low prices and sell high to strategic buyers, which allows them to create a profit for themselves. Rob said this technique was developed in the marketplace over the past few decades and that the propensity of financial buyers has increased since. Rob said that if financial buyers can take this approach, there is no reason why private business owners cannot do the same for themselves. He recommends hiring an advisor if you are a seller who wants to position your business in a way that allows you to bypass financial buyers and sell to a strategic buyer.

3) The advantages of selling to strategic buyers. Rob shared that selling to a strategic buyer is an opportunity to find an acquirer who will meet all of your required outcomes and must-haves when exiting a business. Focusing on selling to a strategic buyer allows you to eliminate selling to buyers who won’t support your goals. Rob equates selling to a strategic as a way to “write your own ticket” for your life.

4) The importance of thinking about how your wealth can create a legacy. Rob encourages anyone who is selling to consider the legacy work they want to explore long before a transaction. By contemplating your life and even the legacy you want to create after exiting, Rob said you can be catapulted into the next level of awareness, knowledge, and capacity for your next chapter. He also explained that an exit can help sellers attract capital and resources for whatever inspires them for their next chapter because people will already know they are a success.

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