Making Extraordinary Exits

For many business owners, selling their business comes with complex emotions.

By STS Capital
October 26th, 2020

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, selling their business comes with a host of complex emotions. The thought of preparing a company to be sold is unfamiliar territory and can be among the most challenging decisions for owners. In actuality, having an exit strategy in place is simply a matter of being prepared, and in the current climate, it’s advantageous to be proactive, not reactive. Having a plan in place ensures not only your smooth transition out of business but one that you genuinely feel good about, as well.

An exit in M&A is about seeking the right buyer and achieving the seller’s maximum financial value. While most firms do this, more often than not, it’s a one-dimensional transaction to get the business sold.

When it comes to selling a business, the STS team is set apart from other M&A firms as we only sell to strategic buyers; the ones that see the integrated value, and will pay maximum value to acquire the business. We genuinely understand the way that strategic buyers think and what they are looking for. We know where across the world they are located and the companies they are looking to acquire. Simply put, this means we can maximize the financial value by connecting our clients with strategic buyers whose own business objectives complement theirs. Selling strategically to the people that buy strategically. However, what truly sets us ahead of the rest is how we operate when moving past the transactions monetary value. We believe there is a different and better path that clients can go down on the journey to selling their business. A course that moves them from a transaction to something much bigger and fulfilling.

The combination of being a firm that is both strategic and empathic in their approach means an exit that is not just profitable, but one that leaves the world in a better place. When we talk about making Extraordinary Exits possible, we mean choosing to add more depth to what happens after the transaction. In helping entrepreneurial business owners sell their business to strategic buyers and achieve maximum financial value, we also hope to open up limitless opportunities to reinvest some of the proceeds for good by channeling some of the upside proceeds into foundations, trusts, and other philanthropic activities. Changing the world for the better is a crucial aspect of our approach.

If you’re ready to discuss your Extraordinary Exit, we’re ready, too.

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