Here's How It's Done

STS Chairman Rob Follows Tells Genius Network Founder Joe Polish

May 17th, 2022

Here's How It's Done, STS Chairman Rob Follows Tells Genius Network Founder Joe Polish

In a wide-ranging interview, the man behind hundreds of Extraordinary Exits explained:

  • How to get strategic buyers to fall in love with your business by understanding how they can make more money owning your business than you;
  • How it’s not about the numbers or the EBITDA, but about marketing, positioning and creative analytics;
  • Why the “natural buyers” are not always the best buyers and why owners of “adjacent” companies often pay more;
  • Why, just like if you were climbing Everest, you should have the best expert guides;
  • How to get “crazy multiples” by creating multiple soft auctions; and, among many other things;
  • How selling your company for more than you thought possible provides the ability to create the most rewarding legacy – one of philanthropy.

The Genius Network® is the exclusive group where High-Level Entrepreneurs meet to get their next BIG breakthrough, gaining access to connection, contribution, and collaboration not available anywhere else. This is the place where you exponentially grow your income, get solutions to EVERY ONE of your personal and professional problems, nurture your most critical connections, and wake up to your own TRUE Genius.

Rob’s interview with Joe is more than an hour, but it’s the crash course in how to sell your company for more than you dreamed.

This clip, where Rob talks about the most important element to stay focused on, will give you a good idea of what you’ll learn X 100 if you watch the whole interview here.

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