Smoke Wallin Discusses Unsheltered Homelessness With Dignity Moves CEO Elizabeth Funk

STS Managing Director Smoke Wallin and DignityMoves CEO Elizabeth Funk had an engaging conversation about finally ending unsheltered homelessness at the Campden Wealth Summer Retreat

As a leader who is committed to selfless service and making a difference in our world, STS Managing Director, nonprofit DignityMoves co-founder, and Fast Forward Fund Chair, Smoke Wallin joined the stage with DignityMoves CEO Elizabeth Funk at the Campden Wealth Summer Retreat earlier this summer in Bermuda.

Campden Wealth is the global leader in providing private forums for like-minded significant business and financial families that offer networking and educational opportunities. With many attendees at their Summer Retreat having an interest in thought leadership, investing, and philanthropy, the event provided an ideal platform for discussing the innovative solution for ending unsheltered homelessness and the funding required for delivering solutions at scale.

During the session, Smoke and Elizabeth shared the story of their collaboration, how the organization was founded by a like-minded group of concerned YPO leaders, and the discoveries they have made since its inception. Their conversation reviewed why the high-cost permanent housing approach in the western United States is failing to serve the very people it is meant to help by leaving them stranded suffering on the streets while being built, along with intriguing statistics about the demographics of the still growing homeless population, and why prioritizing dignity and respect have helped them to find answers to the problem.

Smoke and Elizabeth explained how DignityMoves is tackling unsheltered homelessness with immediate success by providing interim supportive housing that can scale quickly and economically meet the needs of this largely ignored human population. Their full discussion is available to watch in the video below.

In addition to being a co-founder of DignityMoves, Smoke is also the Chair of the DignityMoves Fast Forward Fund. The initiative is a three-year, $100 million campaign that is aimed at expanding housing programs by DignityMoves across the United States and into Canada that address the root causes of homelessness and provide much-needed assistance to those in need.

DignityMoves is a valued Impact Partner of STS Capital Partners. Our firm gives back to DignityMoves through financial contributions, knowledge sharing, and professional support. We also encourage those who join our donation matching program to support this cause in addition to other charitable organizations in our network.



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