STS Capital Partners Celebrates Brazil Expansion

Following a successful week of events launching STS Capital Partners in Brazil, we welcome 20 influential business leaders as new advisors.

By STS Capital

STS Capital Partners recently celebrated a pivotal movement into the Brazilian market with a series of events that brought together a diverse group of business leaders and owners. These events celebrated the launch and welcomed 20 notable business leaders as advisors from the region. These new relationships with influential figures pave the way for a deeper understanding and a stronger foothold in Brazil’s dynamic M&A market.

Brazil is a significant player in the global M&A landscape, and our recent events in the region underscored the opportunities it presents for Brazilian business owners to gain access to a global market. Through engaging in discussions and interactions with local business leaders, we gained crucial insights into the Brazilian M&A ecosystem. Brazil’s footprint in M&A activity is becoming increasingly evident, attracting attention from US-based businesses due to the proximity to the United States and the existing manufacturing capacity in Brazil, making it a prime destination for expansion. The country has witnessed significant advancements in various sectors, including telecoms, media & technology, energy, mining & utilities, and consumer businesses.

Managing Director Michael Smith further emphasized the importance of the expansion, “We believe the activity in Brazil will continue to grow dramatically as US-based businesses look for more nearshore manufacturing and production opportunities. And, through our new advisors, we’re excited to help bridge the gap between Brazilian business owners and global strategic buyers, traditionally reserved for only top tier businesses.”

Our advisory network now includes some of Brazil’s most influential business leaders. These leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the M&A landscape in Brazil and fostering a vibrant community of advisors dedicated to its growth. The insights gained from our events in Brazil reaffirm our excitement for the opportunity to help Brazilian business owners access the global market and achieve Extraordinary Exits.

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