A Legacy of Giving: Celebrating 20 Years of Impact with STS Capital

Spreading impact around the globe with local communities this Giving Tuesday.

By STS Capital

On this Giving Tuesday, we at STS Capital are proud to showcase the spirit of giving that flourishes within our team. As we honor our 20th anniversary, we’re taking a moment to highlight the extraordinary ways our team members contribute to their communities—not just today, but every day.

Our team’s initiatives are as diverse as they are impactful. In Barbados, our team gathered to conduct a beach cleanup, showcasing our proactive approach to environmental care. This effort, alongside the Wildcat Mentor Society at The University of Arizona, benefits from the continued support of STS President, North American Strategies, Andy Harris, shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Meanwhile, our creative team members have sent waves of joy to seniors in Canada through their artistic talents with Sending Sunshine. Charitable sports events like the TELUS Golf Classic and the Mark Sachvie Annual Memorial Golf Tournament have also seen our team in action, using their competitive spirit to generate substantial funds for local charities.

This Giving Tuesday, we celebrate these acts and many others as they reflect our ethos at STS Capital. While today is a Global Day of Giving, our team’s dedication to philanthropy and community service is a constant, resonating throughout our history and into the future.

Thank you to all our team members, partners, and supporters who make this possible. Your commitment to giving back is what truly embodies the heart of STS.

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