Our ValueMax Program

Prepare now for a larger exit later

You know how to run your business because you’ve been doing it successfully for years. Selling it is a whole other story.

Our unique ValueMax process can help you achieve an Extraordinary Exit.

ValueMax is designed to support businesses in getting ready to sell to strategic buyers. With Valuemax you can start 2, 3 to 5 years before your optimal exit timing and work with STS in your corner to prepare your business to sell to the right buyer and the right price.

We bring in experts, such as capital investment brokers, private wealth managers, specialized M&A legal advisors, coaches, to join us in advising you on how to leverage their expertise and to turn that into value that strategic investors will pay for. Our approach reveals any gaps in your organization, so you can make focused investments and improvements that strategic buyers will value further into your exit journey.

ValueMax can put your business on the radar of potential strategic buyers from around the world. As buyers begin to understand how your business would be integrated with theirs and how they can leverage their business to new heights they’ll pay multiples of expected value because the strategic acquisition of your business will make their organization even stronger.

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