Many companies are not immediately ready to go to market and consider growing through acquisitions on their path to an eventual divestiture.

STS Capital Partners has worked with a number of clients to advise on roll-up strategies and we have provided coaching on various deal structure options.

Our Roll Up To Sell process focuses initially on getting an in-depth understanding and objective viewpoint of your various business elements, structure, business health, growth opportunities in the sector, and strategic value drivers. The next phase shifts the focus externally, including commencing early conversations with potential strategic organizations to target for acquisitions.

Roll Up To Sell – Overview

  • Helps entrepreneurs and family business owners define growth options and how they are valued, the  potential timing of acquisitions and, ultimately, when to divest.
  • This is a creative, corporate development consulting process that keeps the end goal of a successful divestiture in sight.
  • STS becomes a vital interface with a company, its industry, potential firms to acquire, and strategic buyers/investors.
  • We will share what we learn from the market, answering questions such as:
    • Are we moving in the right direction towards an eventual exit in 2-3-4 years?
    • What are strategic acquisition targets for us, and why?
    • What strategic and competitive value will those acquisitions deliver?
    • Are we on the right path to support maximizing value in the eyes of future buyers/investors?