Mid-market private companies are often not immediately ready for the international stage.

To help private business owners prepare and maintain their business in a sale-ready state, STS Capital Partners has developed a proprietary strategic framework: Preparing to Sell to Strategics (PSTS).

PSTS will be of benefit if you are considering an acquisition or divestiture transaction, preparing to pass a family business to the next generation, or unsure of the direction in which to take your business. It is a hands-on strategy development process that plugs into a business with a lens that brings the M&A process and objectives to the forefront.

Preparing to Sell to Strategics – Overview

  • Helps entrepreneurs and family business owners define future growth options and how they are valued; the potential timing of different growth stages; and, ultimately, whether to stay in the game or leave.
  • PSTS is a creative and flexible consulting process that may or may not result in a transaction.
  • STS becomes a valuable interface for a company with its industry and potential strategic  buyers/investors.
  • Includes reconnaissance that provides an external view of a company’s revenue matrix and value.
  • Provide clients with information on what the market is telling them, answering questions such as:
    • Are we moving in the right direction towards a transaction in 2-3-4 years?
    • What are buyers looking for?
    • What is strategic in their eyes, and what isn’t?
    • Are we on the right path to support maximizing value?

We invest the time to identify both the preferred and required outcomes of your transaction: these can range from valuation expectations and the role of the current owner(s) post sale, to retaining key employees and the importance of maintaining organizational culture. Our fee structure ensures we are fully incented to complete the transaction with your objectives optimized.