STS uncovers competitive drivers that exist within your business, to maximize value when positioning with international strategic buyers.

By bringing the principles of strategy and marketing to the M&A equation, we help position and market your business to multiple strategic buyers through a proprietary M&A advisory methodology and process - focused on achieving maximum value for you.

Leveraging our global network, we reach out to strategic buyers around the world, generating larger, more competitive, multi-bidder controlled “soft auction” processes that generate optimum multiples within your industry sector.

Strategic buyers usually pay higher multiples than financial investors because of the synergies they can gain from the acquisition and because they are not looking to maximize their own financial gain from an eventual longer-term exit.

STS Capital Partners can help you in these critical areas:

  • Proactively determining the optimum timing of an exit.
  • Understanding strategic and competitive business drivers that exist within your business that will maximize value in the eyes of potential buyers/investors.
  • Planning for and navigating the various steps of a structured deal process – with your best interests in mind.
  • Reaching your personal aspirations on your path of transforming business success into personal significance.
  • Being able to look back and know you made the right decisions.

We invest the time to identify both the preferred and required outcomes of your transaction: these can range from valuation expectations and the role of the current owner(s) post sale, to retaining key employees and the importance of maintaining organizational culture. Our fee structure ensures we are fully incented to complete the transaction with your objectives optimized.