Transforming business success into personal significance - by helping you to maximize value when exiting.
Entrepreneurs and family business owners at some point face critical decisions when considering whether to transition to the next generation, or sell their business to preserve entrepreneurial spirit and family wealth. The decision to sell a private business could also be prompted by a variety of events (disability, disease, death, divorce, debt or disenchantment: the 6 D’s), or could be part of a planned succession or exit strategy. STS Capital Partners helps business owners with the decision of whether, when and how to exit; including providing a solid understanding of how to effectively prepare to sell and how to maximize the value of a business in a global marketplace – by selling to international strategic investors and buyers.
Watch this short video on the value of selling to strategic buyers.
We ask all family and entrepreneurial business owners:
  • What is your personal summit?
  • Would selling your business at maximum value help you achieve yours?
  • Are you ready to go to market?
  • Do you have a sense of what your business is worth?
  • What else do you want to accomplish?
  • Would having the time, liquidity and freedom to focus on your own path from success to significance benefit you?
We invest the time to identify both the preferred and required outcomes of your transaction: these can range from valuation expectations and the role of the current owner(s) post sale, to retaining key employees and the importance of maintaining organizational culture. Our fee structure ensures we are fully incented to complete the transaction with your objectives optimized. We are non-conflicted and our objectives are in full alignment with your preferred outcomes.