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Building a better world through your Extraordinary Exit

When we talk about the true potential value of your sale, we mean more than just financial value. Through strategic selling that achieves maximum financial returns, STS Capital Partners offers entrepreneurial business owners the opportunity to create a legacy through their own philanthropic initiatives around the world.

As a long-term passion of our founder, Rob Follows, changing the world for the better is a key aspect of STS’ approach. By helping you sell your business to strategic buyers and achieving maximum financial value, we also hope to help you open up limitless opportunities to reinvest your proceeds for good, channeling incremental sale assets into foundations, trusts and other philanthropic activities, leaving a lasting legacy and creating your own path from Success to Significance™.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the ongoing journey a sale represents. A journey that – in the case for many of us – has led to the pursuit of a better society. This is also aligned with Rob’s personal mission of  undertaking and supporting many charitable ventures, including climbing Everest to raise funds for Altruvest Charitable Services, as part of his goal and achievement of climbing the Seven Summits.

Altruvest Charitable Services

Formed in 1994, Altruvest is a charity focused on improving the performance of charitable organizations, and in turn their ability to improve more lives than ever. Its values are closely aligned to our own here at STS, and Rob’s fundraising efforts have even seen him reach impressive heights – including climbing those mountains – for the cause.

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The stories of how we have helped maximize financial value and create lasting legacies from the hundreds of entrepreneurial business owners, across every industry who we have helped to achieve Extraordinary Exits.

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    Assess strategic value drivers before and after a planned roll up and entertain multiple offers without granting exclusivity

    Our client was a privately owned wireless retailer and a very successful national agent for one of the top U.S. carriers. The company had a solid track record of good performance and was in the process of assessing potential growth strategies, so the timing of taking the business to market was a key factor. The objective was to add 30 stores to reach a total of over 160 locations.
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    Identify strategic buyers, but also engage with private equity investors.

    Our client was a privately owned consulting, technology implementation and support services company in the Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) space.

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