Telecommunications Retailer

Assess strategic value drivers before and after a planned roll up and entertain multiple offers without granting exclusivity

Our client was a privately owned wireless retailer and a very successful national agent for one of the top U.S. carriers. The company had a solid track record of good performance and was in the process of assessing potential growth strategies, so the timing of taking the business to market was a key factor. The objective was to add 30 stores to reach a total of over 160 locations.

Through a significant strategic consulting engagement, we worked with our client to review targets identified for potential acquisition as part of the strategic growth plan, to assess strategic value drivers before and after the planned roll-up, and to identify potential strategic buyers.

An element of our deal process that contributed to what was a very positive outcome was the focus on carefully managing the timing and processes of the multiple potential buyers. This was critical in ensuring the client could entertain all offers, without granting exclusivity until there was complete visibility into all available options. Consequently, when one buyer stepped away, we had another one at the table with whom we closed the transaction.

Our client’s team has now joined a firm with international reach, and the buyer has been able to immediately leverage the client’s products and services across its platform.


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