Everyone has their own milestones and summits on their personal path from Success to Significance™… what is yours?

We hope to inspire charitable giving and help make Success to Significance™ real for our clients after the sale of their businesses – supporting their vision and legacy.

As a result of our focus on generating maximum returns on the sale of businesses, we can help private business owners create a successful legacy and also help to make the world a better place…. as there is more potential for them to choose to channel incremental proceeds and assets from the sale of their businesses into foundations, trusts and other structures focused on philanthropy – funded from the upside gained through Selling to Strategics.

This is also aligned with the personal mission of STS Founder, Rob Follows, who has undertaken and supported many charitable ventures, including climbing Everest to raise funds for Altruvest Charitable Services, as part of his goal and achievement of climbing the Seven Summits.

Altruvest Charitable Services is a registered Canadian charity, founded by Rob in 1994, focused on improving the performance of charitable organizations by providing training and tools to enhance the governance of charitable boards – thereby increasing their capacity to give more to their causes and to reach their own summits.

Abundant World Foundation
STS is also a proud founding contributor to Abundant World Foundation – a private foundation established by Gayle Pearce, a Managing Director with STS Capital Partners. The foundation’s mission is part of Gayle’s vision, as one of her life planning milestones, to personally give back in supporting improvement in the quality of life for people in developing countries. Recurring investments are made directly in social impact endeavours that create sustainable improvement. Primary focus is on economic empowerment, supported by good governance practices and education.

Aligned with both STS’s and Altruvest’s goals, Abundant World Foundation is focused on maximizing value and the economic impact of its funds by creating better and sustainable models – moving along the path from Success to Significance.