About STS Capital Partners

Our objective is to offer our clients the experience of Success to Signficance™ through Selling to Strategics.

Success to Significance™ - the core meaning and essence of STS.


Selling to Strategics – generating maximum multiples of expected value when planning and executing the sale of our clients’ companies to international strategic buyers.

Success to Significance™ through Selling to Strategics - is a reflection of our firm’s mission to help our clients transform their business success into personal significance.

Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs


STS Capital Partners was established in 2003 by a group of successful entrepreneurs, former CEOs and corporate executives. Our experience and market feedback suggested that mid-market private businesses were being poorly served by mainstream investment banks and private equity firms.


We bring the principles of strategy and marketing to the M&A equation (vs a pure financial focus) – helping to identify strategic and competitive business drivers, and then effectively positioning and promoting a company in the global market, leveraging our extensive relationships.


Through our global relationships, world-class team and proven deal process, we bring international strategic buyers and investors to the table, generating larger, more competitive, multi-bidder soft auctions to maximize value for our clients. Outstanding results are achieved, often with industry-leading multiples of expected values.


We also add value by bringing strategic and targeted opportunities to buyers and investors internationally, creating a win-win for both the strategic buyer and seller.


STS is a private, non-conflicted, non-bureaucratic, pure-play M&A advisor – with extensive global reach, access to strategic investors, and committed to generating optimum results for our clients.

“I am incredibly proud of the value that STS brings to our clients and strategic investors each and every day. You will not find another M&A firm with so much passion, integrity and commitment to making a positive difference throughout the process of selling a business.

We pride ourselves on being open and honest about expectations, always remaining enthusiastically committed to achieving desired outcomes, as well as respecting everyone involved in the deal process.

Our team looks forward to the opportunity of working with you to help you transform your business success into personal significance.”


Rob Follows
Founding Chairman & CEO

STS_HomePage_Award_20152015 M&A Advisor Award Winner
STS Capital Partners is a proud recipient of the Telecom Deal of the Year Award, presented by M&A Advisor in New York on Nov. 17, 2015.


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The STS Difference

  • Deep M&A Experience
  • Strategic Approach
  • Global Relationships
  • Agile & Confidential Process
  • Committed to Results